Let us help make your trip unforgettable. We’ll guide you in booking the perfect trip.Visit adventurelink.comAugust 2012  AL_Logo
 ITS Logo ITScape is the new, cloud-based way to understand, control, and manage your mission-critical business services and the IT systems that support them.
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August 2012
Quarri’s Protect On Q enables IT professionals to protect browser-delivered data by delivering and enforcing secure web sessions on demand that prevent unauthorized use and replication of confidential data.
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October 2012
 infrastructure networks logo Critical infrastructure industries – those that power and enable the economic engine of the world – comprise a vast and highly segmented market. Yet they remain dramatically – perhaps dangerously – underserved by traditional consumer-grade wireless service providers. In the past the industry has been forced to define its own standards and build its own networks.  Infrastructure Networks provides the ability to bridge these market segments, creating a single network that will drive an ecosystem of advanced wireless devices for the rapidly evolving realm of machine-to-machine applications.
Visit infrastructurenetworks.comJanuary 2013
InView dramatically decreases unacceptably high costs
& enables market expansion of the shortwave IR camera market.  InView is leveraging the latest advancements in Compressive Sensing and its own patent portfolio to reduce the cost of shortwave IR (SWIR) cameras by an order of magnitude.
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April 2013
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 tng Header FlyVax is a revolutionary veterinary vaccine based on recombinant protein technology. It is designed for vaccination of cattle to specifically disrupt blood-feeding by horn flies (Haematobia irritans), the most economically important pest of livestock in the United States and much of the world.Visit flyvax.com
August 2013
Cinegif® is an Austin, Texas-based software development company whose patented video conversion software helps marketers communicate and tell a story, without the file size, complexity, and cost of traditional video. Branding professionals, email marketing firms, and web hosting companies use Cinegifs to improve customer engagement on web pages, e-mail, social media, text messages, and digital signage.
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August 2013
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 DNAtrix-Logo DNAtrix is a Texas-based company developing modified viruses for the treatment of the most aggressive forms of cancer. The company’s initial focus is on glioblastoma, a devastating brain tumor that is currently incurable. Targeted cancer-killing viruses such as DNX-2401 represent an important new weapon in the fight against cancer.Visit dnatrix.com

October 2013
Materna Medical Inc. (Materna) is an early-stage medical device company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.Materna’s goal is to reduce the incidence of childbirth-related injuries to women during vaginal delivery. Every year, millions of women develop both visible and “invisible” injuries to their vaginas, perineums, and pelvic muscles during delivery. These injuries are particularly severe in first-time mothers and have both immediate repercussions and significant long-term effects.Materna Medical Inc. was initially developed in the Stanford University Biodesign Program, a program whose goal is to develop technology to address major unmet clinical needs.
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December 2013
 dynamo micropower Dynamo Micropower is developing a 10kW class gas generator (genset) that can be rapidly deployed in wide ranging applications.  Our initial product, the Dynamo Turbocore 7.5 leverages state of the art gas turbine technology in a highly portable package, while being cost competitive with reciprocating gensets on the market today.   The Turbocore can run on all manner of fuels from vodka through JP-8, as well as natural gas and propane, and its oil-less bearing system means minimal maintenance requirements during times of need.  Furthermore, units can be stored for years and can be brought online at a moment’s notice.  With only two moving parts, Dynamo’s ultra-microturbine requires only  annual maintenance and provides a significantly longer operating life over reciprocating solutions.  By approaching microturbine design with a perspective focused on market price and functional needs, we are developing a simplified architecture that enables further miniaturization and mass scale manufacturing of microturbines.  Visit dynamo-micropower.com

December 2013
Wonder is a revolutionary marketplace for people to discover and instantly purchase e-gift cards from virtually any national retailer and local business in the U.S. Wonder’s patent-pending technology allows consumers to effortlessly and discretely redeem gift cards at any merchant, by paying as usual with their credit card, while never losing or forgetting a gift card again.
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January 2014
 dit logo (1) Deep Imaging Technologies

February 2014
Set.fm is a mobile music platform for both musicians and their fans to create and interact with high quality audio of their live performances.

February 2014

 cerebrotech logoLarge Cerebrotech

March 2014
Quad Technologies

March 2014
 adient images Adient

May 2014

July 2014
 siotex download
 165x53xams_logo.png.pagespeed.ic.2_U_cmpqWy Autonomous Marine Systems

July 2014

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